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"The Arctic Circle" Examines Greed and Temptation

“The Arctic Circle” Examines Greed and Temptation

This stop-motion film by Kevin Parry is one of the coolest stop-motion films I’ve ever seen. Everything from the music to the tedious articulations of the characters is spot-on. Tim Burton called the film a “cross between 2001 [A Space Odyssey] and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer,” and in some weird way I think he’s right....
Short Film "Gone Goodbye" Explores Relationships

Short Film “Gone Goodbye” Explores Relationships

This 2009 film was created in 100 hours for a film competition, which it wound up winning. From the moment the work starts, it seems to haunt the viewer. The opening shot is excellent–a truck driving in a remote area, perhaps away from someone/something, or perhaps towards something else. The narration of the note, the...