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Brooklyn Grooming's Old School Pomade

Brooklyn Grooming’s Old School Pomade

Included in Brooklyn Grooming‘s shipment of awesomeness was a sample of their Commando Old School Pomade. This pomade has mineral rich oils that help stimulate growth while keeping your hair looking good. I can’t attest to the first part, since the sample didn’t have enough product to test the hair growth part, but I can speak to...
Brooklyn Grooming: Shave and Serum

Brooklyn Grooming: Shave and Serum

Usually, I like to keep articles to one grooming product at a time. However, this 1-2 punch from Brooklyn Grooming‘s shave oil and facial serum is so connected that it really made sense to talk about them both as a single unit. First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Brooklyn Grooming is Brooklyn’s first men’s...
Cut Brooklyn's Handmade Knives

Cut Brooklyn’s Handmade Knives

This video highlights the life and career of writer turned knife maker Joel Bukiewicz and explores his passion for his work and what inspired him to pick up some metal and fashion a knife–something far different than his literary training would normally translate into. What is most interesting about Joel is how he chose a...