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I have a lot of different emotions writing this last article, but it’s really time I put some closure to this deal: Electrogent is over.

I started this silly thing in September 2011, over three years ago. Since then, I’ve written over 500 articles (and nearing 600), as well as a ton of other guest articles for other websites. It was my distraction throughout law school, and I will always remember sitting and writing for hours on end with volumes of junk that I wanted to say to whoever out there is going to read it. Currently, about 10,000 unique people see this thing per month, and that’s an unreal figure that I never thought I’d see. I’m so thankful to all y’all who come back and read this thing–you’ll never know how encouraging it is knowing that there’s an audience out there.

A lot has changed, however, over the last three years. I’ve graduated law school, gotten married, moved across the state of Texas, bought a house, passed the bar exam, and now have a baby on the way. What?! Needless to say, taking care of these aspects of my life are just way more important and fulfilling than writing about shaving cream.

My full-time job keeps me more than busy, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel guilty every night when I don’t write an article–it’s been part of my nature for the past three years, I can’t help it. There have been plenty of thoughtful, hilarious, and awful blog articles that have come and gone through my brain in the last few months.

I always told myself that I would quit this website while it still had some life in it. My article production is lacking, and it’s leading to a greater log jam of sponsored posts and paid articles–something which I always intended to mix in with the regular content, not become the regular content. Any blogger out there who runs a (even medium traffic) busy website can attest to the ridiculous amounts of emails, planning, and time dedication it takes to keep something like this going. I’d rather end it now than watch it slowly rust.

So, with that: I’m outta here. I’m going to leave this chapter of my life behind, but I’m going to pay the $15 a month or whatever it is to keep this website alive–just in case. I may come back to this in a few years, but I doubt it. You can follow me, personally, on Twitter, if you’re interested in keeping up with Maria and I after Electrogent. Time to go print off every Rule for my Future Son and bind that thing.

It’s truly been a fun ride. Keep being the best dude you can be, dudes.