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Combatant Gentleman is a relatively lesser-known online suit and shirtmaker, but that’s not stopping them from having a very awesome website (and ordering experience) with some nice selections to boot. They shot me over some samples in the mail, and as I have pretty unusual sizing, most of the clothing didn’t fit as well as it should. However, the suit jacket fit really well in the shoulders, and the pants have a great slimness to them–but, as usual, the length in the slacks and the jacket came up short. However–I want to emphasize that’s not the point of this review. I didn’t pay for the clothing, so I’m not going to get too picky with measurements and whatnot.

As a general matter, the suit has a very light fabric that works well in the summer months. The suit pants come un-hemmed, which is great because you can size them how you’d like, but kind of a buzzkill once it arrives in the mail. There should be an option, even if it costs bit more, to have your pants come pre-hemmed. The pants are slim through the thigh, and really worked well with my body type. The jacket sizes are pretty standard off-the-rack measurements. Combatant Gentleman has a form/questionnaire that you can fill out, and their website will suggest the proper size. That’s what I used for my suit, and these are the results from doing do.




The slacks are a khaki-like material which are really versatile. I’ve used them in casual social situations, as well as in office environments. They are a bit short for taller guys, and I wish there was an “extra long” option or something. I picked the green pants and it’s a very earthy color that works great with grey and brown–two of my favorite colors.





The Combatent Gentleman jeans are pretty nice, and they classify as “selvedge,” something that I’ve never quite understood, honestly. I’m not sure if they’re raw denim, but they definitely require a lot of working in. The first few times you sport these bad boys, you’re going to be itchy. It will loosen up over time, though. The leather patch on the back is a nice touch, and the denim is plenty thick for a long lifespan.





The shirt sample I received fit well in the neck, but the cuffs hit me mid-forearm. It’s a shame because I really love this shirt, and it right in my wheelhouse for work shirts. The pinstripes are very modern looking, and the fabric is pretty great quality for a $40 price point. The shirt was the most surprising piece in this sampler, and I would definitely load up on these shirts… if only I wasn’t so lanky.





Combatant Gentleman


Combatant Gentleman is a great budget-friendly option for guys who like to order suits online. These suits will run you $160 to $220 for both pieces–that’s usually the price of just a jacket from a department store. Be wary of the online measurement tool; it’s no substitute for measuring yourself or having your significant other get out a tape measure. Great website, great product, and a great owner–super nice guy. I can’t wait to keep my eye on Combatant Gentleman over the coming years.

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