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Chubbies Shorts

I’d like to preface this review by pointing out that while the above photo might seem a bit too friendly, this is the tamest photo that Maria would allow. I even put on my America shirt for y’all–but it “doesn’t match,” she says. Pshhhh. America on America always matches.

Regardless, I am pretty excited to write about Chubbies. First of all, there is an epidemic of longs–shorts that hit past your knee. Even worse–plaid longs with drawstrings. While I by no means consider myself a fashion guy, there are certain fundamentals that I’d just rather stick with. Shorts should be short; and that’s the basic premies of Chubbies. However, if you’re wearing shorts (something you should probably only wear for function, given the grossness of dude legs), you are probably also fighting crime, jumping off a roof, swimming, or doing something awesome. Because of that, you need shorts that are waterproof, durable, allow for maximum agility, and let the boys breathe. Chubbies shorts do all of that.

In the above photo I’m donning the ‘Mericas shorts. I can attest that these shorts, while Maria thinks are ridiculous, are some of the most comfortable things to ever go on my legs. Even better, these guys are made in the USA–duh.

Chubbies Shorts

Even better? Chubbies makes shorts for some of the best states, most notably, Texas. These shorts run just under $60, which is pretty steep if you’re looking for a novelty item. They have some real nice basic colors and patterns, as well, if you’re looking for something a little more sensible.

Chubbies shorts are the most fun shorts you can ever imagine, and they will help you fight the good fight of shortening the length of shorts. Their size guide is awesome, just go look at it, I don’t wan to ruin anything. As a 6’6” guy, I’m glad that one company finally appropriately typecast me. Now…let’s get some more sun on these dogs; it looks like I’m a quarter Casper.

Have you ever tried Chubbies shorts? What did you think? Tell us in the comments.