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Osmium Mobius Belt

If you don’t know what a Mobius strip (named after August Mobius) is, you should first check it out–it’s worth it. After your mind is sufficiently blown, bring it back in and focus on this Osmium Mobius Belt. Much like the strip, the belt is one solid band (although what belt isn’t?) that connects in such a way that it kind of looks like a homemade Mobius strip (but without the one-sidedness). What’s awesome about this belt is the way in which it connects to itself.

Instead of the typical bar that jabs through the woven body of the belt, or through a small hole, the Mobius belt connects with a sort of notch that leaves the belt with a clean, slick look. My first thought when I see this design is, “There’s no way that won’t come undone throughout the day.” Somehow, though, it works. Not only have my pants not fallen down while wearing this belt, it hasn’t come undone, either (unless I want it to). Along with a nice look, what else could you want from a belt?

Osmium Mobius Belt

Downsides? Yeah, there’s one in particular. This slick piece of beltery costs a solid $140. Wowza. That’s not a budget price, but it sure is a quality belt. Quality costs a lot upfront, but pays dividends in time (in the sense that you’ll never need to replace it). The buckle is 3D printed, which might drive up the overhead on production. Further, the material and labor used to create this belt are all American-based, which generally costs more than sending it to Asia. However, if you’re a reader of this site, you’ll know that’s a premium I’ll always support.

If you can swing it, the Osmium Mobius Belt is a slick belt that your kids will fight over. With a wide range of leather and buckle colors, you can make pretty much any belt you want. At the very least, check Osmium out as a brand, as they have some really interesting options across the board.

What do you say? Would you pay the premium for the Osmium Mobius Belt? Tell us in the comments.