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Kinivo BTH410

I’ve reviewed a couple things from Kinivo in the past: a car bluetooth setup and a bluetooth speaker. Both products were fairly good, and I use the car bluetooth basically every day now–I can’t imagine not having it in my car. Given the past success of my Kinivo experiences, I thought that I would try out the Kinivo BTH410 wireless headphones. These headphones connect via bluetooth and have a range of…not quite to the next room over. They are pretty light, reasonably comfortable, and have fantastic audio quality. They also “leak” sound quite a bit, so if you’re jamming out, I’m sure the person next to you will hear it, too, which means they’re not so great for the bus, subway, library, etc.

Kinivo BTH410

That said, there is a huge major extreme drawback on these headphones. The day after I got these, my cat chewed up the USB cable that charges the battery for its wireless capability–thanks, cat. I contacted Kinivo to see if they would sell/replace the cable for me, and to my shock they couldn’t do it. Basically, if I wanted another cable, I’d have to buy another pair of headphones. Whaaaaaat? Can you imagine having to buy a new iPhone because you lost the charger cable? That is absurd. I searched the internet for just the cable, and I couldn’t find anything. Wow.

The upside, I guess, is that these headphones also come with a wired audio connection that plugs into the audio jack on my computer (or whatever else) and will still function through that cable. But what’s the point of buying wireless headphones, then? Plus, there are way better studio quality wired-only headphones out there–the whole point of these headphones is the convenience of going wireless. Y’all, this is insanity.

The headphones are great–sure. Good sound quality, good shape, comfortable, etc. I don’t have any complaints in that department. My beef is in the company policy to not sell the charging cables individually. It’s not only inconvenient for the customer, but it’s bad business. An iPhone charging cable is like $20…I’m not savvy enough to know the margin on that, but I’m confident it’s almost pure profit.

The Kinivo BTH410 are good headphones, but you better put the charging cable in your gun safe.

Would you buy Kinivo BTH410 headphones, knowing you run the risk of not being able to replace the charging cable?