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Dystopian Novels
If you’re a fan of this website, it will come as no surprise that I wrote something about dystopian novels. Yesterday, Apothic Wines published an article I wrote about my favorite dystopian novels. Here’s a snippet:

The dystopian genre is all the rage these days, especially as young teens and tweens crowd the theaters and bookstores for The Hunger Games and the newer Divergent series. As a fan of the not-so-great fantasy world archetype, it’s great to see others taking an interest in what is often a highly satirical examination of the present world through the lens of the future.

However, the pop culture dystopian worlds of today draw on a lot of what has come before, and if you want to truly understand the dystopian genre, there are some master works you should delve into beyond The Hunger Games.

Go find out why you can do better than The Hunger Games.