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Rockport Castleton Desert Boots

I’m a big fan of ankle-high boots of all forms, due largely in part to the fact that I’m 6’6” and a lot of my pants hit higher than they would on other shorter fellows out there, and I’m not cool enough to pull off the sockless-with-suit-and-low-tops nonsense that is going around. I can appreciate keeping things sharp and modern, but sheesh. Anyways, having ankle-high boots, like the Rockport Castleton desert boots, is a great way to stay more modern while not showing too much leg.

First thing about these boots: they run about a full size large. I wear a 13, but I could easily fit into a 12. Consider sizing down a full size, and you can always return them later if they are too small–but I think you’ll be fine.

Rockport Castleton Desert Boots

The big selling point of these shoes is what’s called the ADIPRENE technology which was created by Adidas. Supposedly, this cushioning is in the heel and is supposed to protect your foot when you walk. Honestly, I didn’t notice anything different that isn’t already present in a comfortable shoe. This is a nice feature and all, but it shouldn’t be your reason to buy these shoes.

Also, the outsole of the shoe is leather and rubber. I don’t know if it’s the way I walk, but the toe of the shoe makes walking a bit strange because the balls of your feet have great traction, but when your foot lifts up at the toe, it slides just the slightest bit. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s something I notice, but not something I notice in my shoes where the entire outsole is leather. Rockport should have made the rubber go all the way through the toe (for whatever my opinion is worth).

Rockport Castleton Desert Boots

The inside of the shoe is really the best part. The footbed is just fantastic, and is cushy enough to make it feel like you’re wearing sneakers, but not so squishy as to make it feel like you have obnoxious gel inserts. Even better, the shoe has a sleek and modern design that isn’t clunky at all, despite its luxurious insole. The leather making up the body of the shoe is dark, full, and just fantastic. As an avid leather shoe wearer, I can tell these will stand the test of time and will only look better with age.

A pair of these shoes will run about $150, which isn’t too far out of the way of its competitors. You shouldn’t have any reservations about spending that much money on these shoes, so long as you size down.

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