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Lucky Tiger Liquid Cream Shave

The Lucky Tiger liquid cream shave is a glycerin-based shave cream, but not your typical glycerin shaving cream. The Lucky Tiger liquid shaving cream is a lighter shaving cream that doesn’t produce a huge lather, but more of a soft (liquidlike) shave cream. The first time I tried this, I used my brush and bowl to work up a lather and was expecting something much like other shaving creams–a full and thick lather. However, no matter what combination of water and cream I tried, I always had the same soft lather. Eventually, after a few tries, I just went ahead and applied it to my face and that’s when I realized that it worked all along.

This shaving cream will spread very thin over your face, but still has enough power to lift your hairs up (that’s the whole point, right?) and provide for a smooth shave. You need to use far less product to get 3-4 passes on your face than you would in a traditional formula. This is great because I tend to favor the “less is more” saying when it comes to grooming products.

The cream comes out of the top in small drippings, sort of like a mustard bottle or something, but a lot more watery. I add barely any water (just get your brush wet) and then go to town. It will lather up a little bit, but not too much–you’ve done at much as you can once you start to see bubbles after 15-20 seconds. It will look like nothing’s there, but go ahead and apply the cream to your face and you’ll see how well it holds up over multiple applications.

You can also use your wet hands to create a lather, which is great if you’re camping, in a hurry, or you just plain lost your brush. I tend to prefer the brush method because it’s hard to keep shaving cream in your hands for multiple passes on your face when you need to handle a razor, but that might just be me. The Lucky Tiger liquid shave cream is a pretty awesome spin on a classic formulation, and with its chamomile and soft makeup, you’re sure to have a top notch shave.

What do you think of the Lucky Tiger liquid shave cream? Have you used it, or some similar to it?