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Rakani +5 Watch

By now, you know the importance of wearing a watch; you’re a guy who has things to do, and you need to keep track of your day. However, there are a ton of watches out there, and most of them are either really cheap and poorly made, or they’re so overpriced that you might have to skip a few months of rent to pay them off. Rakani is a nice happy medium between the two extremes. The Rakani +5 watch is a well-made, simple, modern timepiece that won’t break the bank. At $170 you’re going to spend more than a Timex, but its clean design, sleek dimensions, and light weight make it a strong contender for your workhorse watch lineup.

Rakani +5 Watch

The minute hand has a unique triangle design that spans an exact 5-minute span (hence the +5 name) that is subtle enough to intrigue you, but not so obnoxious that you have to do a double-take to check the time. My main complaint with this watch is the width of the hour hand seems to detract from the overall design on the face. It’s the thickest line on the entire watch, and it’s sort of distracting, however, that’s just a personal preference. Additionally, for its price ($170), something indicating the day of the month seems appropriate.

Regardless, Rakani is a great choice for minimalists on a minimalist-to-medium size budget and are looking for something unique. Rakani also has a lot of other designs and band options across their entire line, most of which are worth checking out.

What do you think of the Rakani +5 watch? Would you use it? Speak your mind in the comments.