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March 2014 Playlist

Yes, it’s that time again. Time for you to read my awful descriptions of songs that does nothing to add to what is already an awesome set of songs. I know, I’ll try and make it quick this time.

We start off with Beverly and the best song I’ve heard all year with “Honey Do.” I could listen to this song on repeat for hours–it’s just so amazing on every level. The rhythm, the vocals, the riff; it’s perfect, and if you listen to one song on this playlist, make this track that one song. Following up is “88” by Lowell, another great track that has strong female vocals and a repetitive ambient backing track that I just love.

Bear Hands has two tracks in a row, because they’re just special I guess. “Agora” is head-nodding track with a lot to like about it, and “Bone Digger” has just such awesome vocals that I couldn’t leave it off. Keep it up, y’all–you’re one of my favorite bands this month (because I know how much that matters to you).

Goodbye Chanel is next with “FOREVA,” and the beautiful ambience continues. This is one of those wispy Fleet Foxes type of tracks that is just too good to ignore. CATHEDRALS and their track “Harlem” continue the moaning/wispy backing vocals but bring some layered vocals to the mix with a good electronic bit thrown in.

Caitlin Park released “HOLD YOUR GAZE” and you know I’m a sucker for these folksy mashups with vocal samplings. It’s just a great mix of digital and analog, and I appreciate that. Big Scary slows it down in a semi-natural way with an opening piano bit in “Invest” that is just great–the beat gets funky, off track, then back to a beautiful flow. Let it work you over.

Meg Myers is amazing–just listen to this track, “Make a Shadow.” Let it build, then collapse on you in a wall of sound. Pool Crosby is going to fill the spot for the obligatory electronic-only track, which always make an appearance. I can’t put my finger on it, but “Next Level” is just really interesting, I thought it was worth sharing–a great flow, a great sample, and it’s pretty addicting. I can’t put my finger on a discernable beat, and with Ava Luna I can’t put my finger on a discernable genre–R&B? Blues? Lounge? Doesn’t matter, it rules.

Cloud Nothings has that garage sound that always seems to make an appearance on these playlists, and “Psychic Trauma” is perfect to fill that role. Slow to fast, soft to hard, this track has a lot to process. Salt Cathedral and “Rainy Days” is similar in a lot of ways–a strange beat, echoing vocals…just listen to love it.

Yellerkin gets a nice mix of what sounds traditional and very much sampled at the same time, sort of like most of the prior songs. I’m not sure what’s going on with this track, but it hits in all the right ways. Halcyon Drive brings up the caboose with “Whitewash,” and I’m glad I can bookend this playlist with two great tracks, both great for totally different reasons. This track is chaotic and perfect.

What’s on your March 2014 playlist this month? Share it in the comments below.