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This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by Old Spice to write this article, but was given creative freedom to decide the manner in which to do it. All views and opinions are my own, and I was given total control, in typical Old Spice fashion.

Hey y’all, did you know that there is an Old Spice haircare line out there? Depending on where you live, you might not have seen it yet. It’s still rolling out across America right now, and it’s brand new to me. It’s no secret to regular readers that I’m a loyal Old Spice guy–it’s far any away the best medicine cabinet staple out there. When the Old Spice team reached out and told me they wanted me to review their new haircare line, I was like “Pshhyeah” and they were all, “Pshhhcool,” and so here we are.

There’s a bunch of stuff, but when you break it down into types (rather than scents), it becomes much more understandable. When they sent me all this in a single box I thought everything was different, and I was instantly overwhelmed. But, lucky for us, it’s all pretty much the same thing. I break down the Old Spice haircare line into three segments, shown above. The shower stuff, the creams, and the pastes.

Old Spice Shampoo

Old Spice ShampooFirst up are the shampoos; there are 6 in total. Most of them are shampoo and conditioner mixes, except for the “drench” scent. What’s up with that? Usually, I run away from the body wash/shampoo/conditioner/tax accountant all-in-one type mystery chemicals, because its not that much of a burden to use two bottles in the shower. However, I’ll give anything a solid try for the most part.

That said, this shampoo is really pretty awesome. It blows comparable price point shampoos out of the water for sure, and has a lasting, subtle scent to it. If you’re going to use these shampoos, opt for the 2-in-1 rather than the plain shampoo (unless you have a really awesome conditioner that you use periodically as a treat).

Most of the various scents are good, but I prefer Wolfthorn and Swagger the best. Old Spice also makes body washes and deodorant in these scents, which is great if you want stick to one scent and go all out. If you’re a regular guy with regular hair who is just looking for a non-stupid shampoo that won’t cost you a bar tab, I’d say give these Old Spice shampoos a shot. If you have thinning hair, color-treated hair, or if you need some other sort of special treatment, you might not want to stray too far from your niche shampoo. For most guys out there who want to smell good, look good, and feel good without spending a ton of cash, this is the way to go.

Old Spice Hair Styling Products

Old Spice Hair Products

Pastes, putties, and creams, oh my! Never fear, my dudes, this isn’t rocket science. There are three jars called “spiffy,” “forge,” and “unruly.” All of these smell the same to my nose, each one feels the same to my hands, and each one looks the same to my eyes. True, they’re labeled a pomade, putty, and paste, but I’ve used each one every way I know how, and I got the same result on all three, despite what the labels say. The tubes, truthfully, are the same as well. I even cut about 4 inches off my hair and I still got the same results.

Now, its true you get the same result on all 5 of these hair products, but what’s the result? The result is a naturally-feeling, light hold, texturizing look that is great for guys who want this. The shine levels (matte vs. shiny) are noticeably different, so at least this makes sense, but for the most part if you use the Old Spice hair styling products you’re going to get a natural-feeling light hold–regardless of what you use.

I really wish I could go over the nuances of each product, but everything is the same excluding the shine. This was kind of a frustrating conclusion, but that’s just how it came out. Out of all of these, I would recommend the “forge” putty as being the most versatile. It had enough hold to keep my bangs in place, but still allowed for the wind to blow my hair around. Pair this with the best shine level, and you’ve got my favorite. The Old Spice hair styling products are pretty good, but pretty average.

If you’re new to the hair product world, or if you’re looking for something more natural feeling, you should give any of these hair products from Old Spice a try.

Overall, the entire Old Spice haircare line is a great entrance into the hair world for a company that seems to have a spot in your bathroom for everything else. The shampoo/conditioner mixes are spot on, and given a little more time to develop and differentiate, the hair styling products will catch up with the greatness of the shower stuff. Keep it up, Old Spice, you continue to create good options for guys who don’t want to mess around.

Have you tried the new Old Spice haircare line? What did you think? Tell everyone in the comments.