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How wine aerators work
So in my everlasting effort to take on more and more work, Apothic wines brought me on write for their new blog, Modern Dionysus.  If you’re over 21 years old, go check out our most recent post about how wine aerators work.  If you don’t know what a wine aerator is, it’s basically a replacement for looking like a boob when tasting wine.

Have you ever seen those people who go to wineries and sit around swirling wine around in their glass?  It’s probably the most stereotypical wine snob thing you can do.  However, those seemingly snobby folks are actually doing something quite interesting to their wine that affects how the wine tastes.  It’s all based on a simple principle: adding oxygen to wine makes it taste and smell better.

Oohh, intriguing, right? Go read more, if not to check out a new and interesting website.