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Lucky Tiger Face Wash

It’s been a while since I reviewed a face wash, and I’m glad to have gotten back into the swing of things again with Lucky Tiger. If you don’t know Lucky Tiger, you probably should. Founded in the 1920’s, Lucky Tiger started in the Missouri basement of a barber and amateur scientist by the name of Benjamin Clarke. He used Lucky Tiger for his own barbershop for about fifteen years, but eventually his customers began wanting to buy his tonics, aftershaves, and washes by the bottle for their own personal use. After that, Clarke turned Lucky Tiger into a business instead of a project, and the rest is history.

Knowing that Lucky Tiger has an awesome background and barbershop roots, I was more than happy to test this line out. First on my list was the Lucky Tiger face wash. The ingredients of this wash are pretty solid: paraben free, jojoba seed oil (to soften), aloe vera (to hydrate), and great smelling stuff like cucumbers, sunflower extract, and citrus. If you’re an all-natural kind of guy, this isn’t perfect because it’s got some pretty standard preservatives in there. However, for most guys out there this face wash hits on all cylinders and has exactly what you need.

When you unscrew the top to use it, the top is just a hole for the face wash to squeeze out of. Put about a quarter-size in your hand, rub them together, and you’ll see a really great lather start to form. Wash your face with the lather, using plenty of water, and you’re good to go. I prefer to use this in the shower, because the lather gets kind of messy.

The Lucky Tiger face wash is really great for these winter months when your skin is prone to drying and cracking. It has a lot of hydrating qualities to it that can help lessen the need for face lotion. The aloe vera is is spot on, and while any soap or wash will result in some drying (you’re washing oils off your face, which is good), this face wash is pretty great in keeping the drying to a minimum. A bottle will run between $18 from the official online retailer and about $11 from Amazon. Be careful with Amazon retailers, though–for obvious reasons. Just use your discretion.

Overall, the Lucky Tiger face wash is one that all guys should consider using during the winter months, and the bottle looks pretty awesome in a medicine cabinet, as well.

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