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Jack Black Blue Mark

The Jack Black Blue Mark cologne ($70) is a fresh, minty, and herbal-smelling summer scent that has a lot of similarities to the New York cologne from Brooks Brothers, and not just because the bottles look similar. What both scents have in common is their freshness, although I think Blue Mark takes the cake in that regard. This cologne is extremely fresh smelling–it’s almost the sole sensation–but it plateaus at “fresh.” The smell is very classic and clean, which works well for younger guys or for stringently classic guys.

That said, there is nothing surprising, dramatic, or striking about this cologne. This is great if you’re looking for an everyday workhorse cologne, but if you’re going to put on a tuxedo and need to smell as good as you look, you should go with something a little more sophisticated smelling. The fundamentals of a good cologne are all here: longevity, a jar with a quantity that doesn’t rip you off, simplicity, and a good subtle scent level.

There is nothing that will strike your senses here, and that’s often a good thing. There are few things more annoying a guy can do than walk in a room and suck the air out with an overpowering cologne (I’m looking at you, Axe). You don’t have to worry about that here with Blue Mark, and I have yet to find a person give it a smell who didn’t like it. This universality is a really great aspect of this cologne.

I’d recommend Blue Mark to someone looking to change up their daily scent, but keep your special cologne around for fancy occasions.

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