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Star Wax Original Pomade

Star Wax has clay, as you know, so what about their pomade? The clay was pretty solid; not the greatest ever, but not bad at all. What about the pomade? The Star Wax Original Pomade, first and foremost, is red. Why? Don’t ask questions. I absolutely hate that it’s red, and there’s no rational reason to use red pomade. My hair is pitch black, so I don’t know how this red pomade plays out with blond hair, but the clay was definitely visible. I’d imagine using red pomade would show up on light-haired folks.

Color aside, this stuff is strong. Goodness. It says “high hold” on the lid, but I had no idea what my hair was getting into when I tested this bad boy out. The pomade feels like any other out of the jar–same consistency, weight, and make-up. Rub it on your hands like other pomades, and spread it around. So far it’s all pretty normal. Then, it dries into what can only be compared to cement.

If you’re spiking your hair (why?) still, you might be able to rock this pomade. If you need a lot of volume for a pompadour, you might be able to do it. If you’re like me with relatively normal hair, this is probably overkill; use it sparingly. I used a normal amount of pomade (dime-size) the first time I tried this pomade, and my hair became a functioning helmet. Sure, it held the comb work perfectly, but wow.

It also has a very high shine–like reflecting light status. This is worth knowing, and is all up to personal preference. It’s got jojoba infused in there, which is good to prevent against breakage. If you have weak hair, need a strong hold, and like a high shine, then this pomade is perfect. For everyone else, I’d either use this pomade sparingly, or find a lighter hold.

Have you used the Star Wax Original Pomade before? Did you have a similar experience? Tell us in the comments.