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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense

Déjà vu, am I right? Well, kinda. Paco Rabanne apparently sold so much of their “1 Million” that they made an entirely new cologne called…basically the same thing. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense is an offshoot of their cologne, and seeing as I liked (and still enjoy) the original, I thought the version 2.0 would be worth trying. Well, as with most sequels following a great original, it fell short to the original.

Here’s what Paco Rabanne says about this cologne:

Slightly citrus notes play on a number of spicy tones, intensified and redefined with a distinctly sexy path. The ultimate fantasy, this spicy fragrance is composed of a blood mandarin and peppermint top and rose absolute and cinnamon bark heart, rounded out with a base of iris and oud.

I’m not sure what a “distinctly sexy path” is, or whose “ultimate fantasy” involves a cologne, but the description is otherwise pretty accurate. This is a very fruity cologne, so it might work best with the spring or summer. However, it has enough cinnamon and spice to make it apply to the fall and winter, as well. As with the original, this is a great year-round cologne and has a scent that is not so overpowering it will wear you out within a few weeks. However, there’s no way this scent is as good as the original.

If you ask me, this cologne is way too spicy smelling. It’s kind of abrasive and harsh, but it still smells good–if that makes sense. When this stuff wafts into your face (or your neighbor’s), it’s kind of jolting, whereas the original 1 Million was a pleasant and calming smell. The quality in the original is still present in the new cologne, as a couple sprays will last you all day.

If you’re really into the spicy scents, this might work well for you. If you’re like me, and prefer the more earthy/leathery scents, I’d stick with the original. Paco Rabanne is a quality cologne, but as with many other things in life, you should stick with the original.

Do you prefer the Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense over the original? Let the world know in the comments.