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2 Gingers Irish Whiskey is an up-and-coming whiskey that just recently expanded its availability into Texas in 2013.  2 Gingers is made in Ireland, but for a long time was only sold in Minnesota.  Due to its local popularity the brand started to expand across the country, and for good reason. What makes this whiskey so popular is its versatility–it tastes good in almost anything.  This makes it great for a bar staple because it can take you in so many directions.

It’s not the best sipping whiskey, but it’s not bad. It has almost no harshness (which is why it mixes so well) and it has a good touch of honey and citrus to it. For this reason, it’s awesome when mixed with orange juice or ginger ale and a single cube of ice. These simple drinks are just so good that sipping the whiskey neat just isn’t as appealing. There are a ton of ideas for drinks on the 2 Gingers website, and most of them are almost the same thing–just mix it with orange juice or ginger ale and you’re golden.

Each bottle sells for $19.99 which is a pretty fair price for its quality. This whiskey isn’t going to blow your mind, but it’s a good one to have on hand in your personal bar given its ability to disappear when mixed.

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