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Vikingfjord Vodka

When I saw the name “Vikingfjord vodka,” I was certain this was going to be near jet fuel–I mean, I don’t see Vikings sipping a Manhattan. Also: flavored vodka? I thought this was a website for dudes. However, I’ll give almost anything a shot, so away we went.

You can smell the apple in this when you open it–but don’t get me wrong, it still mostly smells like vodka. So there I am with the top off–what next? I’m not much for mixed drinks, and I’m definitely not for drinking straight vodka, so I turn to the ol’ standby ginger ale. Mix it in, and bam–absolutely delicious.

This vodka definitely tastes like apples, so keep that in mind if you’re mixing. It’s super smooth, which is surprising considering its price point at around $15 is nearing “cheap vodka” territory, and that’s a territory nobody wants to venture into. However, for a cheaper vodka, this is really smooth. It doesn’t blend as seamlessly as unflavored vodka, given its strong taste, but if you want something that blends don’t get flavored vodka.

Vikingfjord Vodka

But, not everyone is a barbarian like me, and some of y’all might want something more sophisticated than simply using ginger ale. Here’s a more upscale version:

1.5 oz. Vikingfjord Apple Vodka
.5 oz. Apple Brandy
Fever Tree Ginger Beer
2 Pressed Lime Wheels

Preparation: Press two lime wheels into bottom of Collins glass. Add ice, then Vikingfjord Apple vodka, apple brandy and top with ginger beer. Garnish with green apple slice and candied ginger.

Anyways, as far as flavored vodka goes, this stuff is pretty sweet. If you’re going to start breaking out the garnishes, consider adding a bottle of this to your cabinet.

Have you tried Vikingfjord vodka before? What did you think? Give your review in the comments.