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Things to Do

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by the Ford Fiesta Movement to write this article, but was given creative freedom to decide the manner in which to do it. All views and opinions are my own, and I was given total control.

Us guys are creatures of habit. For the most part, our entertainment options revolve around three things: the sports bar, the television, and video games. While this is a broad generalization, it’s mostly true. We need to figure out things to do that don’t involve a screen (says the blogger), and make them our regular routines.

To help get things started, here is a list of my totally-subjective favorite things to do that don’t involve a screen.

1. Billiards: much like playing the piano, knowing your way around a billiards table is an awesome skill all guys should know.

2. Bowling: the older, grimier, dingier the alley is, the better.

3. Darts: again–don’t need to be a pro, but at least hit the target.

4. Kayaking: a great way to see the outdoors and get some exercise–especially for those who don’t prefer hiking.

5. Drawing or painting: there are tons of paint-along classes out there if you’re a total beginner, and this makes for a unique date outside the typical dinner and a movie.

6. Woodworking: this can involve a significant amount of hardware and space, or you can simply build a spice rack by hand. Remember: measure twice, cut once.

7. Visit your local winery/brewery: the process behind this is awesome, and usually results in a greater appreciation the next time you’re in the bar.

8. Fly a kite: there are some “performance” kites out there for the go-hards, or you can rock the classic diamond shape and relax.

9. Clean your gutters: cleaning the gutters is a strangely relaxing chore for me, and is one of those things that is normally neglected. While you’re up there, cut any branches touching your roof (or are coming close), to curb ants.

10. Golf: golfing is the most relaxing and anger-inducing way to enjoy the outdoors, but win or lose, you can’t beat a nice day spent on the links.

11. Skeet shooting: if you aren’t near a place to go hunting, perhaps you could hone your marksmanship with clay pigeons.

12. Go for a walk: walking in cities is a great way to create your own entertainment. Talking to strangers will bring new things to light, and will often provide your mind with something to do.

13. Cook a new recipe: cooking is a great (and maybe delicious, depending on your skill) way to entertain yourself and others. If it turns out well, you might have another meal to add to your rotation.

14. Go antiquing: antiquing is a fantastic way to experience history through the investigation of relics from the past. It’s also a great way to practice your negotiation skills.

15. Write a letter: sending letters is an act seldom done these days. Handwrite the letter to a family member, friend, or find an address in the phone book and send a stranger a letter with or without a return address. There’s something satisfying about writing your secrets down and mailing them to a stranger, and everyone loves getting non-bill letters in the mail.

What are some other things to do that don’t involve a screen? Give us your list in the comments below.