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Star Wax Clay

There’s something kind of unsettling about photographing a vegan hair product on a leather ottoman, but what can I say? I’m a barbarian. The Star Wax clay is actually one of the better clays I’ve used, despite a few red flags: vegan, water-based, and “professional.” Vegan products are great for the environment, and if you’re into the natural scene, then great. However, chemistry is pretty neat, and all-natural/vegan products are often weak and poor quality. Water-based products are usually only good for pomades and (despite what the label says) this is a clay, not a pomade, and you don’t want the strong-holding clay getting easily washed out. Lastly, the whole “made for professionals” bit is wholly marketing, and real professional-grade products don’t tell you they are–people just know.

However, despite those red flags, the Star Wax clay is actually pretty legit. Despite its vegan-ness, the hold is very strong and will last through a game of full-court basketball. The water-based quality seems like it would melt in sweat, but somehow it doesn’t. This will wash off your hands easily, and out of your hair with normal shampoo. I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but it’s pretty great. Lastly, the “professional” marketing could actually hold water. I don’t know if any professionals actually use Star Wax, but they could. This clay is awesome, and for $25 it wipes out bigger names like Redken and American Crew.

This clay is odorless (good!), soft, and will work with pretty much any hairstyle. Be sure to sufficiently brush or rub it into your hair, or you’ll see remnants of the product behind in the form of little specs. This might not be as noticeable if you have lighter hair, but my hair is pitch black so it’s worth mentioning. I have never heard of Star Wax before this, but as clays are my favorite genre of hair product, I’m always open to trying new things. This easily busts its way into my top favorite clays of all time. Surprisingly good job, Star Wax.

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