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November 2013 Playlist

Ah, November. The month of my birth, and the time of year when things start getting really cold. This doesn’t mean your music life needs to freeze though. Our November 2013 Playlist is sure to get your month off to a good start.

Gilligan Moss starts off this month’s playlist with a weird tune, “Choreograph,” which builds on itself three times over. The sounds start off pretty ambient, and it slowly progresses into a great thumping intro track. Destroyer takes it from there and shows us their slightly more familiar-sounding track with drums and guitar with “El Rito,” a fun-loving ear worm of a track. Little May slows it back down with the first third of “Hide,” until things pick back up with this echoing beauty of a track.

Next up is Jungle. (yes, with a period) and “Lucky I Got What I Want.” This lyrical work with the organs is a great November track with smooth grooves and full sounds. Tennis comes next with “Mean Streets,” and the piano thing keeps on rocking. This groovy track piggybacks off of the prior one, but with more of a lounge feel to it. Martinis anyone?

Wilsen covers Grimes’ “Oblivion” next, and it’s fantastic. This cover is far less 80’s than the original (which may or may not be a good thing), and I think the vocals are cleaner than the original. Both versions are great though. Botany reminds us how this playlist started: weird. They take the weirdness up a notch with some bloops and bleeps that I personally love, but others might detest. What do you think?

We Are Twin‘s “The Way We Touch” brings some heavy strong-handed female vocals, and all I can say is: Brava! The Holidays. (yes, with a period) come next, much like in the actual month of November. “Voices Drifting” is a great, full track that I can’t get enough of. The vocals, the chorus, the instrumentation: all perfect. Gems is bringing up the caboose with “Medusa,” a slowish vocal work with lots of echoing for the coming month of December.

What’s on your November 2013 Playlist? Let us know in the comments.