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Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey

When you think “whiskey,” what are some words that come to mind? I’d be willing to bet “sweet” wasn’t one of them. That’s what made testing Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey so strange: its sweetness.

The Kilbeggan distillery has been chugging along since its original license was issued in 1757. Over 250 years later, they’re still doing things the same way–giving you a taste of history. The distillery is powered by a working waterwheel, so you know they’re not interested in churning out massive quantities, but lovingly crafting a delicious whiskey. Look at how awesome their machinery is in the photo below.

kilbeggan irish whiskey

This whiskey is the real deal, and is one of the most unique tasting whiskies I’ve had. As I mentioned above, the main taste of this whiskey is sweet. There’s no burning sensation, and no harsh jet fuel feeling–It’s like drinking an apple. When you pour a glass, let it sit a few minutes and chill with a single cube of ice. If you’re a straight-shooter, sip away. If you’d like to mix it, try apple juice (seriously), apple cider, or ginger ale. All are fantastic options, but even you non-neat drinkers might like the natural taste of this whiskey.

Kilbeggan whiskey is certainly a good deal, around $20-25 for a liter, and the quality will compete with the big boys of the premium whiskey world. I’d suggest Kilbeggan to guys with a sweet tooth, or guys looking for a good mixing whiskey that isn’t going to overpower the drink.

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