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If you hear “vodka,” and you think of any other country than Russia, you’re probably not vodka-ing right. Beluga vodka is one of the finest super-premium vodkas in Russia, created in an unspoiled corner of Siberia, Beluga vodka is the perfect mixing alcohol, and will blend perfectly with almost anything you pour it into. This means you get all the taste of your drink, and none of that harsh vodka feel that usually overpowers everything. This particular type of vodka, the Beluga Russian Noble, has a honey/oat/milk taste, and is full and smooth.


Taking shots of vodka is pretty ill-advised in general, but it ‘s actually not all that unbearable with Beluga vodka. I still recommend mixing this bad boy, but if you’re one of the purist types (or Russian), this isn’t a terrible option for vodka shots. At $29 a bottle, the Beluga Russian Noble is pretty fairly priced. Sure, you can get an $8 jug of vodka, but you’ll regret that the next morning. As far as the premium vodkas go, you can’t go wrong with Beluga. All vodkas are pretty much the same, but you pay the premium price for avoiding the full-body aches and feelings of impending death 12 hours after imbibing.

My recommendation? Beluga vodka, tonic, and squeeze a lemon in there. Simple and delicious.

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