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Jack-O Traveler Shandy

It’s no surprise that we here at Electrogent love Halloween. It’s basically the best–costumes, nice weather, creepy stuff, and just all-round good times. Who doesn’t love halloween? It may only be mid-September, but we’re ready for this Halloween train to leave the station already. One fun way to get that engine chugging is to check out this Jack-O Traveler Shandy.

I’ll admit, when I first encountered this, I had no idea what a SHANDY is. It sounds like some strange beach creature ex-girlfriend that comes out of the water once a month to stalk you on Facebook. I turned to my first source of all information in life, Wikipedia, and learned that a shandy is beer mixed with a soft drink. Uh, no, I originally thought. But look at that adorable jack-o-lantern! D’awww. This particular brew, however, is not soft drink-mixed. Phew.

So I caved, and decided to give it a shot. Guys: I know a lot of you out there are sticking by your old solids–that yellow swill that you drink because it’s on tv. But it’s ok to have some taste now and again, right? I’m not talking about sugary taste like that Smirnoff junk, I’m talking about deep, rich, pumpkin and spice flavored deliciousness. Pumpkin beer is delicious, and pumpkin shandies are just as good.

The Traveler’s Beer Company used real pumpkins in this brew, and that means it’s witch and goblin approved. This is a great alternative and fun drink for Halloween parties, and will get anyone into the season’s spirit.

When I originally tried to take the photo for this article, I wanted to be cute about it and include our cat, black cat named Spooky (did I mention we love Halloween?) However, after numerous attempts, we failed. Enjoy, internet:

Jack-O Traveler Shandy

Have you ever tried a Jack-O Traveler Shandy? What gets you in the mood for Halloween? Put it all in the comments.