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Booker’s Bourbon is another link in the chain of the Beam distillery’s small batch offerings. We recently looked at the 7-year Baker’s Bourbon, the grand-nephew of Jim Beam himself. Booker’s Bourbon is the choice of Jim Beam’s grandson, Booker Noe, who once was the master distiller for the entire Jim Beam outfit. This bourbon is uncut, straight from the barrel, and was the company’s first small batch offering. You can taste all 40 years of Booker’s experience in this tasteful bourbon that Booker recommends needs no water (we agree).


What makes Booker’s so special is that Booker Noe used to only give these batches to his friends and family, but it was so good that he was eventually convinced to sell it to the public in 1992. The batches are stored in the center of the rack house, which, according to Booker, are the ideal place (in terms of humidity and temperature) for aging bourbons. Each batch was hand-picked by Booker himself, and he inscribed each bottle as such:

The whiskey in this package is the highest grade bourbon made by me here at Jim Beam. It is uncut and bottled straight from the barrel. My grandfather Jim Beam liked his whiskey from six to eight years old.

If it’s good enough for Jim Beam, it’s good enough for you. This bourbon is, as I mentioned, extremely tasty and full of rich, smooth flavor, which is probably why it’s won so many tasting awards. If you’re new to bourbon, or just looking for something new, Booker’s Bourbon is a special treat that you’re sure to enjoy.

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