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Prada Luna Rossa

The 2013 America’s Cup is underway as of yesterday, and if you’re not familiar with the event, it’s basically the World Series of boat racing. Since 1851, teams have battled it out on the water for a trophy that is historically dominated by the New York Yacht Club. However, each competition there are no shortage of great teams trying to get their hands on the silver trophy, and most of these teams pick up some corporate sponsorship to help fund their awesomeness (like Red Bull and Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space).

One such sponsor is Prada, who sponsors the Luna Rossa from Italy (naturally). In honor of this team, Prada released the Prada Luna Rossa cologne, a fresh-smelling and mature cologne in a quite substantially-sized bottle for the price. What is fun about this cologne is the bottle looks a lot like the ship–steel on the bottom and white on the top. This is a nice touch that works well for fans of the sport.

The cologne itself is a bold and fresh smell that will last you basically all day. I’ve tested it quite a bit in the Texas heat, and it will even endure sweating, which is nice for guys who might be boating enthusiasts and want to use boating cologne while boating. Why not, right? The Prada Luna Rossa cologne is a pretty good option for guys who are looking for a fresh scent and good value (don’t you hate dropping $75 on a mouse-sized bottle of cologne?). It’s worth checking out the next time you find yourself around some cologne options, but this is a limited edition cologne, so don’t expect to find this hanging around for too much longer.

Have you tried the Prada Luna Rossa cologne? What do you think? Give your thoughts in the comments.