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August 2013 Playlist

Yeah, yeah, I know–this is way late in the month. I usually like to get these out early on so that you can jam these tracks all month long with me. However, as you may have noticed, we had quite a bit of a lull this month in articles because of things going on in “real life.” This is fake life, by the way. I don’t exist–neither do you–neither does this website. You’re dreaming right now.

Anyways, I have a lot of good stuff this time around, so this playlist is definitely worth the wait this month. We have something for (practically) everyone this time around.

The August 2013 playlist starts off Mutual Benefit and their track, “Advanced Falconry” because I’m no novice falconer. There’s just something great about this song that I love, but know Maria will not love–oh well! With all this falconry going on, we need some Wildlife Control to keep things in order, y’all. They pick up where the last song left off, with “Ages Places” that sounds like someone is singing in a canyon-based campfire, and that’s a good thing. Autoheart is next up and they keep the downtempo thing going with some impressive vocal work that reminds me of Antony and the Johnsons, but not as sad. Paper Bird keeps on the melodious theme but, hey, let’s pick it up a bit, right? Their track “As I Am” is a fun summery song that everyone can enjoy, and if you don’t like it, you’re wrong. Just kidding…kinda. Potty Mouth represents the obligatory garage 90’s style rock with power chords and twangy backup guitars that have made an appearance in these playlists all summer, and I like it that way. Rainy Milo was hard to find a spot for simply because this song is so uniquely brilliant. It doesn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of these tracks, but it was just so catchy I had to include it. Of course, there’s always one dance-inducing electronic beat on these things: queue Honey Bones‘ song “Dragg,” and drive through a tunnel at night while you turn it up. The next track by KIEV is perfect for anything you’re doing during summer: barbecue, road trip, hanging out, swimming–you’re good. Apply the next song by Man Man directly to the forehead…or y’know, your ears. “Head On” is what happens when Tom Waits’ younger brother gets a keyboard and a couple friends from high school together to make a band–not really, but it sounds like that. Or is that just me? The Preachers want to know, “Is This How You Feel?” If this refers to good, then yes. We all need more of this track in our daily lives; just listen to that chorus. Cannot unhear. I had a lot of inner debate about whether to include this next track by Kal Marks. “Life is Murder” is rough, abrasive, loud, and a hot mess–which is kind of why I love it. And the award for CREEPIEST COVER ART EVER goes to…Brick + Mortar. Yeah. Let’s just leave it at that and listen to “Locked in a Cage.” Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. It’s Figaro and the instantly-catchy intro for “Moving Slowly,” because we all know we’re moving slower in this heat. Last but certainly not least is Zammuto, one-half of the defunct duo that once was The Books, one of my favorite bands of all time. Zammuto is a naturally talented artist who finds beauty in the most unexpected places, and always comes up solid; “Need Some Sun” is no exception. We all need some sun, and we all need this August 2013 playlist to pair.

What’s on your August 2013 playlist? Share some of your favorite songs this month in the comments.