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Degs & Sal

Men and jewelry: a tricky subject. While I think most women would agree with me that it’s important for men to accessorize, it’s far too easy to go overboard and veer off into trashy bling territory. Put on a chain, add a gold bracelet, maybe a flashy watch and a couple of rings, and oops, you look like a jerk.

Men’s jewelry should be unassuming, but still be able to add a unique touch to your outfit. That’s why I like the pieces put out by NYC based company Degs & Sal. Their unisex line consists of simple yet interesting pieces for a relatively affordable price. The variety of styles and colors means that most guys will be able to find something that fits their personal taste.

Since Andrew has been busy studying for the bar exam (hence the recent lack of posts), I gave a few of their bracelets a test run for the past two weeks.

First up was the Black Bead Bracelet ($35), featuring black onyx beads and a gold skull. Full disclosure- I love skulls. I put skulls on things the same way other girls put birds on things.  Also, about half of my closet is black, so it wasn’t out of place for me to wear black bracelets. This may or may not be your thing depending on your particular style, but for me, it worked. I wore a size small (6 inches), but I have tiny little twig wrists, so I’d definitely recommend that dudes size up. I liked wearing this mainly because the little gold skull is kind of bad ass. It was discreet enough that I felt comfortable wearing it to work, which is important. There’s no point in spending money on good accessories if you have nowhere to wear them. The main downside I found was that the bracelet elastic is somewhat stiff. While this means that it doesn’t easily stretch out, it’s also a bit hard to get on. I’ve only been wearing it a week though- so this might improve with time.

Next, I tried out the Black Leather Bracelet ($35),a simple structural piece of braided leather with a cool locking magnetic clasp. This is a pretty basic staple, but it’s a good place to start if you aren’t used to wearing jewelry. Small and unobtrusive, you might even forget you’re wearing it. If black isn’t your thing, they have a similar bracelet in brown leather.

Overall, Degs & Sal is a good option if you think you need a little extra something to add to your wardrobe. I’m a big fan of “stacking” bracelets, and these work especially well for that mixed and matched look.

Men’s jewelry doesn’t have to be tawdry. Just remember to keep it small, simple, and structured.

What do you think of these Degs & Sal bracelets? Give your thoughts in the comments.