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July 2013 Playlist

So many good songs out there now, y’all. This one was hard to narrow down to a manageable size, but I whittled it down to my 10 favorites. This July 2013 playlist is full of something for everyone to love.

For starters, we have the aptly-named Long Walks on the Beach and their track “1st Times (You and I)” which has a nice summer-nostalgia vibe going on for it. After that is Rayland Baxter with my favorite song off this particular playlist and probably favorite song of the summer so far, “Bad Things.” It’s gritty, it’s dirty, it’s rich, and it’s absolutely lovely. Tunng comes in next and gives us some soft female vocals to polish things off and calm everything down with their melodious track, “The Village.” It wouldn’t be one of our playlists without at least one bloopy bleepy song, and this time around it’s LA PLAGE and their terrifically dancy, “Rendez Vouz.” Next up, from the home of most great music (Austin, TX), is Emily Wolfe, and goodness that bassline–she’s keeping things thumping with “Mechanical Hands,” the title track from her EP (which is also really great as a whole). Feist X Timber Timbre‘s “Homage” is next, and it’s just totally beautiful; it stands alone and has a subtle power. Next comes Eliza and the Bear and their anthem track, “Friends” that was a bit much when I first heard it, but it tends to grow on you–great summer track nonetheless, and I had to include it. Following up, Temples presents their heavily-instrumented “Colours to Life,” which is a great track to nap in the sun to. After that, OVER NIGHTS takes us camping and plays what sounds like a (fantastically-talented) campfire jam session. Last but not least is Ben Wuyts, and his track “Responsibility” has not only really great lyrics, but a window-dropping road-tripping zoning-out feel to it, and I can’t get enough of those OOoooOoOoOOOs.

Listen to the playlist below in all its entirety:

Hope y’all are having a good summer!

What’s playing on your speakers from your July 2013 playlist? Let’s expand mine by adding your suggestions in the comments.