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Hudson River Watch Co.Every now and then I get lucky enough to come across a true piece of art and function. This time around, such a piece came from the fantastic New York-based Hudson River Watch Co.’s “Berry Street” make. This watch is a true masterpiece. Not only does it have a clean and classic design based off of vintage stop watches, but it has a genuine leather strap that will wear beautifully over the many years this watch is in commission. The second hand is isolated at the bottom, inaudibly ticking away without overpowering the design. The colors will match nearly anything, and the face of the watch is a matte silver so it won’t reflect light in your eyes when you catch the time in the sunlight.

Hudson River Watch Co.

I can’t speak highly enough of Hudson River Watch Co. They are the true revival of classic, beautiful watches for men in a time when the general consensus is to take the “more is better” route. If you’re looking for a watch that works with any style, consider “Berry Street” near the top of your list. Hudson River Watch Co. also has plenty of other styles that are just as solid as “Berry Street.”

As of right now, Hudson River Watch Co. is still taking pre-orders, but they will ship out in October 2013. These watches will run you around $285 while they’re on sale, which is a high upfront cost, but when you consider the timeless quality and look of these watches, the longer term of use will bring them into Timex levels of affordability.

Do you own, or would you own a piece from Hudson River Watch Co.? Give your thoughts in the comments.