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Proraso Shaving Cream

Getting to shave with Proraso shaving cream is a complete and total treat. Proraso was founded in 1930’s Italy, and their formula has remained largely unchanged over the past 80 years. While longevity doesn’t always mean superiority, in this case, it does.

This shaving cream is the menthol experience to the extreme. For this reason, if you have overly-sensitive skin, you might want to test it conservatively so you don’t break out or something. For the rest of us, the menthol in this shaving cream is going to result in a fantastic experience. When I test any shaving cream I usually let it sit on my face for a longer amount of time than if I am shaving normally. When I tested Proraso I didn’t want to shave the cream off. This shaving cream will tingle your skin and give off a strong smell of mint, making you feel like you’re getting ready for a 1930’s Italian straight razor shave from the barber.

The shaving cream is glycerin-based, which is a personal preference of mine, but it has a very soft lather to it, similar to a shaving soap. The soft lather doesn’t mean weak lather at all, it’s plenty strong, but just don’t expect a really thick lather explosion in your shaving bowl like some creams.

Overall, Proraso is one of the best finds I’ve had in a long time. I can’t believe this cream isn’t sold in more places. I haven’t heard a lot about it over the years, and I think its definitely one of those diamond in the rough finds that more guys should try and explore.

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