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Fathers Day WhiskeyFather’s day is coming up in about a week, and that means you get to browse around some manly stuff for ol’ pops and see if anything would strike his fancy. Most men out there enjoy a nice glass of whiskey now and again, and if your dad falls into this category, consider these father’s day gifts for your whiskey-loving dad.

The Goods

Bulleit Bourbon

If you’re from the south, perhaps your dad might prefer some bourbon whiskey. Bulleit 10 is the brand’s selected reserve, a delicious bourbon that is consistently smooth, russet in color, rich with oaky aromas and hints of vanilla and dried fruit with a long smoky finish. This bourbon is aged in American white oak, perfect for dads who love the taste of ‘Murica.

BarrelSelect HiResBarrel Select is the best whisky George Dickel has to offer. Awesomely smooth with caramel and vanilla tones and a long, lingering finish. The Barrel Select has a much fuller taste than most other whiskeys, and a great smell to boot.

The Toys

Whiskey StonesIf your dad is a particular whiskey fan, he might already have a set of whiskey stones. However, if he doesn’t consider snagging a set of these 9 stones for less than a Jackson. Chill some of these bad boys, put ’em in your drink, and voilà! No melting ice to water down your delicious beverage.

Whiskey Skull DecanterOr maybe your dad has a sense of humor and/or likes some original stuff in his house. Consider this skull decanter so dad can keep his whiskey looking awesome and out of the commercial bottles. Plus it’s a lot of fun to pour stuff out of skulls…no?…just me?

Do you have (or know) a whiskey-loving dad? What are some other suggestions for great father’s day gifts?