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Van-Der-Hagen-Premium-Shave-SetThis is the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set, and it comes with everything shown in the image above. The word “premium” is probably just for branding, because I’m not quite sure this is the absolute best shaving setup I’ve used. However, this is a fantastic set for starters and at only $10 you can’t beat that price.

The bowl is my favorite piece of this set. It’s a great size for quickly whipping up some lather, and the color is very 1950s. I used this bowl both with the soap and with a glycerin-based shaving cream, and it works well for both. Of the entire set, I think this bowl will last the longest, and I plan to continue using it.

On the other end of the spectrum is the boar hair brush. For a starter set, this is a great way to get going with a wet shaving routine. Boar hair is not as prized as badger hair, but it is certainly better than synthetic brushes. Again, the point with this set is to get someone started, and I think the brush is good for those people, but it certainly is not “premium” by any means. The handle is plastic, and Amazon has some photos of the brush glue coming apart. I used this brush a couple times and while the glue never came undone, it certainly was not the most pleasing brush to use. It was frustrating to try and get a solid lather going with it because it’s so small, but again, folks: for a beginner, it’s a good starting point.

Lastly, the shaving soap. I like the soap/bowl combination because they work so perfectly together. The soap, when prepped (see the video) overnight, will sit perfectly in the bowl and it’s really nice how well those two work together. They should, after all, because they are sold as part of a set. The lather on this soap is pretty nice for $10, and it’s definitely better than some shaving soaps I have used in the past, which can really be a disaster. The smell is nice and pleasing, and the lather has above-average staying power. Overall it’s pretty good for the value price.

My overall conclusion is that you can’t get much better for $10. The brush leaves a lot to desire, but I’ve seen comparable brushes alone go for over $10. The bowl is fantastic, and quickly became a favorite. The soap is ok, and it works well with the size of the bowl. I think if you know a guy who wants to get into wet shaving but doesn’t want to drop a huge amount of cash to start, he would be well-served by the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set for long enough to learn the basics.

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Did you use a set similar to the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set when you started wet shaving?