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Alright, I’m eight weeks in with this Taun anti-aging test. “But Andrew, the last time you checked in was week four. What happened to week six?” Yes, I know. I missed a bi-weekly check-in. I was pretty busy during that time finishing up law school, so I didn’t get a post up. I also missed about 10 days of application over the last four weeks. However, serendipitously, I decided that since the results were so solid in week four, it would be good to test out the staying power of those results. What happens if you miss a few days? Well, here’s the progression so far, ending with week eight’s photo:

Week 0

Taun Test: Week 0

Week 2

Taun Test: Week 2

Week 4

The Two Taun Test: Week Three

Week 8

Taun Test Week Eight

These posts get significantly grosser the more times you have to stare at my forehead. Anyways, it looks like the results from week four are still here, four weeks later, despite my cutting down in usage about 33%. That’s pretty good to see, and it increases the value of Taun because you can get more life out of it. Before now, I used it every night, but now I feel safe going every other night in order to increase the longevity of the jar (which is not exactly cheap).

So, the test continues on, and so do the forehead photos. I’ll check in for week ten soon, unless I forget…which is always a possibility.

Do you have any questions about the Taun process or anti-aging creams more generally? Ask in the comments.