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The May Playlist

As requested last time by reader Will, we decided to put this May Playlist into a set. This is much more convenient than having to play each one separately, and it allows us to reduce the loading time and article length (no more scrolling, yay!).

Anyways, we have a pretty awesome playlist this month. It all starts off with Is Tropical’s upbeat track, “Dancing Anymore,” which should fit nicely into the slowly warming up (in theory at least) weather. Then No Joy breaks it down a bit and continues on the rolling beats and melodic vocals for a nice mix of sounds. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. picks up the pace again and gets a bit dancy with it, and Vundabar keeps up the pace. Nude Beach comes in after that with some nice drum work and that summer garage band sound. Krill is next on the list, and they bring the weird that is always necessary in some form on these playlists. Just to keep things interesting, you know. Since we’re already “out there,” YOUNG GALAXY takes you to outer space and lets you float around a bit, and Speak starts our descent back down to earth. We land successfully, and Portugal the Man is there to lead the parade down the road in a foot stomp-inducing beat in their track “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”–the color of our faces as we just got back from space. Wampire is there, afterwards, to calm us back down and convince us to take a more conventional method of traveling, something like “Trains.” Crystal Fighters provides the quick thump thump thump of train as we travel further into spring.

What’s on your May playlist?