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Jonathan Rachman’s Masculine Showhouse

This showhouse by Jonathan Rachman is fantastically modern-industrial, and filled with a plethora of original items that you will probably take some digging around a flea market to find. However, there are some great items around the web that you can substitute to make your space look like this Jonathan Rachman room.

1. Tufted Navy Ottoman

The navy bench on the right side of this photo is fantastic, and I wish we could see more of it. The navy is fantastic with the blue-grey of the walls, and it has a timeless tufted look to it.

While this ottoman is not nearly as awesome as that curved bench, the ottoman is sure to class up your space with a manly look.

The wooden legs flaunt some awesome craftsmanship, and wood will match pretty much anything.

The linen is strong enough to last a while, but comfortable enough to actually use.

To make this even better, this ottoman is made in America, so you’re sure the craftsmanship is up to snuff. Pick it up for around $200; it’s a little high, but not outrageous for a classic piece like this that is sure to last.

2. Horn Accents

On the table above the blue bench, you can see a solitary horizontal horn. While I don’t explicitly see any vertical horns, these authentic horns from Arteriors are absolutely stunning for any man space.

What makes these so great is the gold seal on the base of the horns, paired with the shiny seal to preserve the natural beauty of the horns.

Each set of three will differ, so you’re sure to get your own unique set of horns for your space. They’re pretty steep at $253, but if you’re willing to spend the money these are surely pieces that will stay with the family and achieve heirloom status.

This room by Jonathan Rachman is fantastically modern, and it does a great job of mixing the rusty industrial feel with the sleek and shiny modern furniture.

What about this Jonathan Rachman showroom inspires you?