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Hairbond Moulder

Hairbond has a cult following in the UK, but isn’t too well-known in the US…yet. Hairbond itself doesn’t deliver to the US, but I recently learned about one UK retailer who does: GroomU. In fact, they have a lot of really awesome stuff, some of which we’ve reviewed before, but that’s not the point here. So, because they ship to the US, I was able to get some Hairbond Moulder for review.

I was excited to try it. The Hairbond Distorter won my award for best hair product of 2012, and their Shaper was a pretty close second. So, you can see why I’d have my hopes up with the Moulder. However, either the Moulder is just ok, or I’m comparing it to the best of the best, which is hurting my objectivity. I expected a lot more from the Hairbond Moulder, and it just didn’t deliver like I hoped.

One of my favorite aspects of Hairbond as a whole is the scents of their line. They’re all totally different, and they smell amazing. I could eat them. However, the Moulder is devoid of almost all scent, which in itself isn’t a bad thing (most hair products I prefer are scentless), but that’s part of the fun of using Hairbond and it wasn’t there.

Hairbond grades the hold of its line with dots. This is a 4/5 dot hold…in theory. In practice, it was the lightest hold I’ve had between the Distorter, Shaper, and Moulder. The jar says, “Strong flexible hold gives immediate grab and high-density texture while thickening hair’s appearance.” I didn’t get any of that. I guess it brought out the texture in my haircut, but that’s not exactly groundbreaking.

I’m giving Hairbond a really hard time with this, mostly because I hold the Distorter and Shaper (both of which are sold by GroomU, in case my mostly-American audience would like to pick some up) in such high esteem. The Moulder is definitely the weak link in the chain, but overall the chain is stronger than most lines.

There is some use for moulder, though. If you like matte finishes, a natural look with really low hold, and a product that does more texturizing than shaping, I think this is right for you. I generally seek these qualities out in a hair product, but I like a stronger hold, like the “5 dot” shaper.

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Have you used the Hairbond Moulder before? Did you like it, and if so, how are you using it? Give your thoughts in the comments.