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Hairbond Distorter GiveawayYesterday we announced our upcoming Hairbond giveaway extravaganza, and today marks the first day of the first giveaway. Since it seemed to be a favorite, we’re going to start off strong with Hairbond Distorter.

For more information, I suggest you go read my review of Distorter from last year. Long story short: this is a medium-hold cream that will last you all day no matter what. It isn’t crusty, sticky, or flaky–it’s just marvelous. It won my best hair product of 2012, and while I’ve had a few others come close, I’d still maintain that ranking. Hairbond Distorter is the real deal workhorse for almost any guy or any hair style, and I love that about it.

This is the most versatile product on the Hairbond line, and it is a great starting point and introduction to the brand.

So, here’s the deal. Since this giveaway is a celebration of sorts regarding Hairbond’s formal entry into the U.S. market, this contest is open to U.S. residents only. Sorry, other folks. However, since that’s about 85% of my total audience, I hope I’m not breaking too many hearts.

To enter, simply fill out the form below. Or, if you hate online forms, you can email contests@electrogent.com with the subject line “Hairbond Distorter.” That’s it on your end, we’ll take care of the rest. 4 lucky people are going to win. We will email you only if you win, so please don’t use a junk email that you never check–be on the lookout.

This contest is over! Congratulations to our winners.