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Captain Morgan Giveaway HatAs you might know, over the past month we had a series of Captain Morgan posts about a giveaway where I asked you to solve some riddles. Well, we wound up getting 5th out of a field of 10–not bad.

So, this means we get to give something awesome away. There was a list of choices, but I felt the most appropriate and universally-appealing choice was an iPad Mini. So, we’re giving away an iPad mini–but who wins?

The fairest way I could think to do this was I went through all 3 articles and wrote each person’s name on a slip of paper. Yes, it took me like half an hour. Then, I drew a name with my eyes closed. You can see a video of this below:

So, congratulations to “Abuskeletor,” the winner of our Captain Morgan giveaway. Thanks to all who entered, and I hope you continue to enter our giveaways!