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Verb Volume Spray

I’m a big fan of the Verb line, but the Verb Volume Spray is a total bummer. But before I get into that, here’s what Verb did right. As with the rest of the Verb line, the Verb Volume Spray is basically entirely organic–no parabens, no strange overly-flammable ingredients, and still never tested on animals. Generally, products that advertise as “organic” are often poor performers because there’s some things chemistry can do that nature can’t. Unlike the Verb Forming Fiber and Sculpting Clay, which are both pretty great, the Verb Volume Spray is straight up weak.

I wanted to like this…I really did. But, after trying multiple combinations of hair preparation, it just never worked out. The instructions for this say to, “Apply liberally to towel-dried hair, working from roots to ends. Style as usual.” That’s not exactly helpful. Do I use it alone? Paired with other Verb products? Is my hair supposed to be completely dry, or just “towel-dried” (which, to me, means not entirely dry)? What’s the meaning of life? Why are we here? Oh… too many questions.

I tried every combination I could think of because I wanted to like this stuff so much. With totally dry hair, nothing else in it, it left my hair really greasy and had almost no hold. With damp hair, nothing else in it, my hair became super shiny and slick, with no noticeable change in volume. Okay–how about pairing it with another Verb product? With both the Fiber and Clay, it worked like water, and just ruined whatever I had going on with the Fiber/Clay beforehand.

I even tried to follow the instructions on the demonstration on the Verb website, but I had no such results. When I tried to blow dry my hair, it was a terrible mess and looked nothing like what happened in the video. Is this because I’m not a professional barber? Perhaps. Did I mess something up? Knowing me, probably. But, the way I see it, I’m a fairly competent guy when it comes to grooming, and if I can’t make it work then I bet the majority of guys who try will get the same results.

I don’t mean to say “Oh, this is complicated, so don’t use it.” I’m just saying that despite my best efforts, I couldn’t find a single way to make this work for me. It’s only $14, which is great if you’d like to experiment and prove me wrong.

For me, it was failure on all counts. Basically, I couldn’t find a use for this. It was a really watery, weak hairspray. I wanted to like this so much, but I just couldn’t find any redeeming use for it. In the video below I give a little more insight into the Verb Volume Spray and lament on my inability to like it. If you liked that video, and you want to see more, consider subscribing to us on YouTube.

Have you used the Verb Volume Spray before and gotten any good results? Prove me wrong in the comments.