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After week two, there hadn’t been too much improvement on this experiment with Taun. Basically, I’m going to see what benefit I can derive from anti-aging creams as a guy in my mid-twenties. I was skeptical, so I decided to give it a solid and consistent effort. Week two was not surprising; week three was.

Here’s the progression so far.

Week 0:

Taun Test: Week 0

Week 2:

Taun Test: Week 2

Week 4:

The Two Taun Test: Week Four

What?! Taun is the only thing I’m using with anti-aging ingredients in it, and I’ve done the same thing every day (apply it once a day before bed). However, over the last two weeks I upped my usage each time about 25% and started massaging the stuff into my forehead for 15-20 seconds. I had no idea if it would change anything, but apparently so.

I didn’t even notice a night-to-night difference until I saw this picture compared with the one from two weeks ago. This is beyond crazy to me, and I honestly never expected it to work this fast, nor this well.

I planned on getting through both these jars before seeing any sort of real results like this week’s, but I guess I was wrong. I’m really impressed, and I wonder if my skin has plateaued here for the rest of the experiment. The wrinkles are still there, but it’s noticeably lessened. I’m glad I started this experiment, not because I really cared all that much about my forehead wrinkles, but because I can now say that not all anti-aging creams are just some snake oil with huge markup (not that I thought that before, but you know what I mean). Taun, at least, appears to have some real force.

Have you had any success with anti-aging creams, Taun or otherwise?