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Things My Wife Makes Me Buy

The internet never ceases to surprise me. I’m continually coming across things on the internet that offer an interesting glimpse into the life of someone else, for better or worse. A few months ago I found a web series on YouTube called “Things My Wife Makes Me Buy,” and it’s interesting in the way rubbernecking a car wreck is interesting.

The videos are uploaded by a user, “Zookababy,” and while I know very little about his life (attempts to contact him failed), I feel like I know a lot about his wife’s. In a nutshell, “Things My Wife Makes Me Buy” is a series of videos where Zookababy opens packages his wife ordered from QVC (and sometimes other places) and he gives his color commentary. It sounds fantastically boring, but it became a quick favorite of Maria and myself.

Zookababy just wants his wife to not buy pointless/duplicative things she doesn’t need off QVC, and he decided to share his pain with the world by starting a YouTube channel. Below are a few of my favorite videos from “Things My Wife Makes Me Buy.”

How much do you love “Things My Wife Makes Me Buy?” Let’s feel his pain in the comments.