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It’s time for another month’s totally subjective list of music worth listening to. The only problem is there are so many good songs out there right now, I had to double the size of this playlist to 10 songs. I couldn’t cut it down, because I couldn’t imagine a playlist without each one of these tracks (well, I could, but it wouldn’t turn out as good). So, without further ado, here’s the 2013 April Playlist.

1. Port Isla: Adventurers

“I can’t wait until winter’s over/wave goodbye to cold” says Port Isla in this fitting track to start off the first spring playlist. This is one of my top tracks for this particular playlist, because I love the great mix of sounds and instrumentation. It’s just perfect, and is a great spring song.

2. Lemâitre: Cut to Black

Following up the great piano work of the prior song, Lemâitre brings a dancy beat that works as well in the lounge as it does on the dance floor. I’m loving the freshness of this song, both figuratively and literally, as it was released just two days ago.

3. Good Graeff: Hold Me Fast

Listen to that! Fantastic. Good Graeff continues on with this trend of appealing background instrumentation and adds a touch of female vocals that soften the whole thing off. This upbeat tune is an ear worm, and continually finds its way into my head.

4. Sand Tiger: Love in 100MB

You know it wouldn’t be a playlist of mine without some longing vocals, and Sand Tiger rose to the occasion. “Love in 100MB” sounds like Paul Banks is trying out a new band and is just starting to feel them out. The song is timid and cautious, but I think that’s what I like best about it. Sand Tiger did a great job here creating something really unique and appealing.

5. I Used to be a Sparrow: On/Off

You used to be a sparrow? How was it? This track, “On/Off,” is a pretty great song that seems as though it would have wide appeal. It’s pretty much full-force all the way, which is a nice change of pace for this playlist.

6. Vance Joy: Riptide

Does anyone else hear some South American influence here? Is that just me? Either way, Vance Joy created a really great track with “Riptide,” and it’s surely in my top three for this playlist.

7. Magic Man: Texas

I’m a sucker for an interesting sample, and when I heard “Texas” the first time I was hooked off the bat. Magic Man’s track is pretty awesome, and it’s got the right amount of optimism for spring.

8. Cross My Heart: Wildside

Break it down now. “Wildside” contains some of the most powerful vocals I’ve heard in a while. Cross My Heart put together this prohibition era-feeling modern rhythm and blues track that is just fantastic. Everything about this song is pointed, powerful, and masterful–it’s a true work of art.

9. The Veils: Dancing With the Tornado

I love how The Veils brought in that southern-sounding twang and powerful drums. This track chugs along like a tornado across the plains, and it quickly grew on me.

10. Littlegreencars: Harper Lee

For a band with a missing spacebar, they certainly aren’t missing anything in their song, “Harper Lee.” It starts off sounding a little Neil Young, but it eventually picks up into something more emphatic.

What’s on your April playlist? Share your favorite songs of the moment in the comments.