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Owen and Fred Custom Leather Luggage Tag
We’re giving away an Owen and Fred Custom Leather Luggage Tag, which normally runs you $45. If you’re not familiar with Owen and Fred, here’s a mini interview I had with Mike, the founder of the male-oriented online retailer.

Electrogent: What is Owen & Fred?

Mike: Owen & Fred is men’s goods, made great. We design, manufacture and sell men’s goods, gear and gadgets. The products we design are all made in the United States. Our custom leather luggage tags were named GQ Magazine’s Best Stuff of 2012, and we’re now designing products for weekly release in 2013. Our most recent product? You Dirty Dog soap.

E: What’s the story behind the company? How did it start, and why?

M: I started Owen & Fred because I think that men are often forced to use really boring and uninspiring products in our every day lives. But those essentials can be made great, and that’s what we’re doing.

E: What sets Owen & Fred apart from the rest of the male retailers out there?

M: Owen & Fred is different from most retailers because we are now designing and manufacturing (here in the USA) our own products. Where we see a product that we’d love to own, and can’t find it, we’ll make it.

This giveaway is over! Congratulations to Jonathan H.