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Alright guys, it’s a couple days past two weeks (sue me), so we’re in for an update on my progress with my obnoxiously-titled experiment: The Two Taun Test. If you’re new to The Two Taun Test, the basic premise is to determine what kind of results a guy in his mid-20s can get with two jars of anti-aging cream, specifically Taun. I’m using Taun every night before bed, and posting updates every couple weeks. This is the first update, two weeks in.

For reference, here’s the picture of my forehead wrinkles before starting the experiment:

Week 0:

Taun Test: Week 0

Below is a photo of the same skin after using Taun every day for two weeks:

Week 2:

Taun Test: Week 2I tried to make the photos as similar as possible in lighting and framing so the whole world can stare at my dome without other distractions like angles and whatnot.

So far: not a whole lot of results. But what did you really expect after two weeks? I’ve been forming these wrinkles for 26 years, they won’t go away in two weeks. If you ever see an anti-aging cream that guarantees instant results, approach it with a healthy bit of skepticism. Patience is a virtue.

This experiment is still full steam ahead, so check back here in a couple weeks to see the four-week results.

Have any questions about this experiment, or Taun in general? Ask in the comments below.