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Manly or Not Manly: SandalsSandals. Pretty much everyone has a pair, but only a select few wear them on the reg’. Our resident expert, Maria, says they’re never attractive on men, and makes us look like “overgrown man-children.” However, when it’s 100 degrees out there, are sandals the only real choice? Are sandals manly or not manly?


Smartest man ever: check. Sandals: check. Manliness: check?

The argument for manly: I have two words for you: Praetorian. Guards. These guys were some of the most awesome, rough, elite warriors in the history of humankind. What did these guys don on their feet? Sandals. What’s more manly than feeling the earth, wind, and weather on your feet? Wearing sandals is not only a practical way to keep your feet cool in the hotter months, but it’s a timeless form of shoe that dates back further than sneakers, wingtips, or whatever else you kids are wearing these days. Sandals let your feet callous up and get stronger, rather than stay nice and pretty inside your Italian leather shoes. Be a man and put some sandals on.

The argument for not manly: While it’s true that some manly people have worn sandals in the past, there’s something very effeminate about bearing your feet like that. If you want to get some callouses, just walk around barefoot. There’s no need for sandals if that’s your goal. I’m not saying you need to go all Nixon-on-the-beach, but at the very least limit your sandal use. Going to the beach and need some shoes you can kick off real quick? Sandals. Going to class and need some shoes to wear? Not sandals. The utilitarian use of sandals is always there, but if you solely seek comfort, go elsewhere. The world doesn’t want to see your nasty calloused man feet, and preventing that torture is manly compassion.

What do you think? Are sandals manly or not manly? If it depends, explain your choice in the comments below.

Manly or Not Manly: Sandals

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