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Kaufmann Mercantile Flask

If you feel like embracing your inner Daniel Boone, you can’t go wrong with this Kaufmann Mercantile copper flask. Kaufmann Mercantile is a pretty awesome online store with some unique finds and handmade goods that you won’t find anywhere else. Case in point: this copper flask.

First of all, if you clicked that link, you’ll see the obvious downside. This thing costs $150. That’s bonkers expensive. Spending $150 on a flask will put you high in the ranks of conspicuous consumers. However, if you’ve got the dough, the Kaufmann Mercantile copper flask is seriously cool.

The flask is pure, solid copper, and it has a great look and feel to it. It comes with two stoppers: one made out of cork, and one made out of birch wood that has a little thingy you can put some string through to attack it to the body of the flask. This flask is handmade in Tennessee, so there will be some minor differences and imperfections.

The flask I received has a minor cut in the spout part, so if you hold the corked flask upside down, it will slowly leak individual drops. However, that’s such an uncommon position, it isn’t really a big deal. It does not leak when upright, though. That said–this is a $150 flask, and it shouldn’t leak anything. I’m sure this minor setback is unique to my flask alone, due to its handmade nature, but just know it’s possible you might get one like mine. Kaufmann Mercantile gives a disclaimer that imperfections may occur.

The good news is that the inside is lined with tin. This will keep the inside of the flask from corroding, while allowing the outside tin to slowly gain that awesome patina antique collectors love. Use this bad boy for 50 years, and I guarantee your grandchildren are going to want it. Overall, this flask is a winner; I’m loving this thing. The big downside is the $150 price, which will put this work of art out of the price range of many people.

In a particularly enterprising mood, I made a video review of this flask so that you can get the full effect of how beautiful this flask is, and hear the tinging sounds of the copper. I hope to continue using video reviews for other products, assuming you guys like them as much as I like making them. Enjoy it in all its HD glory.

What do you think of the Kaufmann Mercantile Copper Flask? Is the high price worth the beauty of this flask? Give your thoughts in the comments.