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FraserWoodThe following is a guest post by Fraser Wood, mens lifestyle writer and owner of Modern Style Review.

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With the impending release of the film adaptation of the Great Gatsby, Gatsby fever has taken hold in the fashion stakes. Will the release of the Great Gatsby do for period movie dramas what Mad Men has done for television in terms of fashion and style?

Whilst Don Draper attire seems to be a popularly emulated look, we take a sneak peek at these two styles from the Roaring 20’s to the Swinging 60’s, giving you a quick-and-easy way to get the looks.

Become The Great Gatsby

Great Gatsby

Fashion loves retro style with trends frequently being recycled, modified and given a modern twist. In anticipation of this fashion extravaganza, embrace 1920’s chic by investing in a few key pieces to complete your look. Think cream suits, high-waisted slacks, trousers with braces, fine dress shirts worn with ties. For patterns, opt for paisley, argyle and plaid.

Following the end of World War I, Men’s fashion changed dramatically and became much more laidback moving away from the previously formal and more conservative looks. If you want a style that oozes elegant precision then Gatsby-esque attire is the way to go. Vibrant bow ties are also a great way to ensure you nail this look. Whether Batwing or Thistle, there is something for everyone (as featured below in this selection from Budd Shirtmakers of London). I’d recommend sticking with rich silks which usually come in a huge spectrum of colours from black through to delicate pastel shades such as lemon, pink and ivory. For patterns, opt for paisley, argyle and plaid.


For an inspired, 20’s chic style, patterned silk scarves are another go-to accessory which were also hugely popular at the time. Invest in a silk scarf and inject a retro and polished feel into your look. Thanks to Boardwalk Empire, this look has already enjoyed some airtime and publicity. When trying to emulate this style, think dapper and dandy and you can’t go wrong.


Monogrammed Shirting, the process of embroidering two or three letters onto a dress shirt, usually the wearer’s initials was exceedingly popular during the 20’s. This practice was originally used to identify the owner of the shirt, adding a personal touch to your attire. Make like “the man in the cool beautiful shirts,” as stated by Gatsby’s love interest Daisy Buchanan and invest in a bespoke shirt. For the ultimate slick look, a luxury bespoke shirt will ensure you are dapper and on trend this season.

Get Mad Like Draper


Meanwhile, Mad Men has ensured that the fashion of the 1960’s has enjoyed something of a renaissance. Clothes say a lot about your character. Opt for a subtle and intriguing look like Mr. Don Draper himself. Remember less is more when it comes to Mad Men style. To get this timeless style, think charcoal suits, crisp white shirts and black ties.

A bespoke shirt, preferably in white with cufflinks is a great way to give a personal touch to your look and is the go-to style in Mad Men seen across all the seasons. Think understated glamour, plain white, neatly-pressed. The shirt should also be long enough to fall slightly short of his suit’s lapels.

When it comes to the suit, opt for tailoring that flatters the body and shows off your contours. A narrow-lapelled suit is a perfect choice. This look should be clean, polished and definitely not cobbled together. It is considered and makes for a suave and sophisticated do. For colours, think rich grays, browns and blues for during the day. Colours like mustard yellow and teal are also representative of the time.

Accessories are also essential for achieving sartorial refinement. The key accessory is cufflinks whilst other popularly donned pieces (excuse the pun!) are pocket squares, tie bars and hats. With these accessories, this will ensure you are a true man about town. A pocket square is essentially a silk handkerchief which will add a touch of elegance to your look.

A limited edition slim tie and cufflinks are essential for finishing off this look. Enjoy basking in sartorial elegance.

(All images used with permission: Wodumedia, SantaBanta, & Budd Shirtmakers)

So what do you think? Will The Great Gatsby do to modern style what Mad Men previously did? Talk about it in the comments.